MoMoJam: AI-Powered Chatbot Revolutionizes Children’s Interaction with Beloved Characters

June 11 22:18 2024
DATUMO’s Advanced AI Technology Brings Characters to Life for Real-Time, Persona-Infused Conversations

DATUMO, a leader in Korean AI innovation, has successfully launched the children’s AI chatbot ‘MoMoJam’ in the U.S. MoMoJam combines popular character intellectual property rights(IPS) with advanced AI technology, allowing kids to engage in real-time conversations with characters. This chatbot remembers past interactions, provides personalized chats, and offers immersive experiences through vivid audio conversations.

MoMoJam features unique speech patterns and personalities, with each character embodying a distinct persona. This goes beyond simple text-based chatting, creating unique and memorable interactions. Children can enjoy lively, animated discussions with their favorite characters, enhancing their imaginative play and learning experiences.

Ensuring the safety and stability of these AI interactions is a top priority for DATUMO. Their data-driven AI evaluation system guarantees safe and high-quality interactions for children. DATUMO stands at the forefront of AI innovation in Korea, collaborating with leading companies like NAVER, SK Telecom, KT, and LG AI Research to evaluate the reliability of large language models (LLMs). They focus on developing AI that is Helpful, Honest, and Harmless (3H) and have initiated the first AI Red Team Challenge in Korea to prevent harmful text generation by LLMs.

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